Lightning Review: Hero Academy for IoS

A fun little IoS based game of cartoony fantasy melee for the Iphone/Ipod touch/Ipad environment. Basic cost is free, but that FREE becomes pretty expensive with all the myriad in game purchases. In addition, many many MANY annoying commercial popups that can spoil the fun after a while.

Still, the animation is clean, silly and anime like in style.   It’s very cute for a freebie.  Or “Kinda” freebie.

Verdict: the basic game is great and loaded with anime-style fantasy combat goodness, but  in app purchases may unbalance this game.

Updated: I was contacted by Robot Entertainment about this review.  They object to the characterization of Hero Academy being unbalanced, and perhaps I have pushed that point a little hard in all this.  So I’ll say this: Perhaps the game is balanced, perhaps I am just a poor player.  In my experience, after repeated plays, the dark elf purchased team consistently does more damage, and broader based damage, then the free human team.  This is the crux of of my comments about purchasing victory.  This result in no way detracts from enjoyment of the game.  Hero Academy is still lots of fun with the plain vanilla human starter team.  I have not purchased the upgrades because, frankly I had a poor reaction to the intense commercial nature of Hero Academy.   Therefore, a full up statistical analysis of win/loss, best comparative tactics between humans and dark elves, etc. remains beyond my grasp and available time.  As a lightning audio review is simply an impressions piece, not a full up analysis and review of the game, there would not be a payoff point in presenting this review as anything but a quick reaction piece.   I will say this– Many of the upgrades for sale are visual and thematic in nature– buying different avatars, custom colors, taunts, etc., and theoretically that shouldn’t effect combat outcomes.  I don’t know for certain, because I’m not going to buy them.


Robot Entertainment

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