DUDE SCIENCE: The Mini Cannon

“Dude Science” is my catchall category for things that are done for inexplicable reasons for the cool factor and the sheer hair-brain-edness of the basic idea.  Sure, it was important to figure out if there was water on the Moon.  So we figured it out how?  By BOMBING IT.  That’s Dude Science.. the kind of thing that makes you say… Duuuuude….

The following two videos are certainly Dude Science in spirit, but reside more in the category of wonderful craft projects.  Here is part one and part two of “Firing the Mini Cannon”

Note the author of this work (and mighty cannon forger) destroys all manner of electric lights, food, mushy objects and glassware in his lab… INCLUDING HIS OWN COMPUTER MONITOR. Could he have gone to the dump to scavenge a few junkers to blow up? Sure! But where’s the cool factor in that?


(Dude Science: (n) A Descriptive noun for an area of scientific undertaking that causes objective observers to exclaim, “Whooa, DUDE!” involuntarily)

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