Lightning Review: CELTIC HEROES for the Ipad

Tonight’s Lightning Review is CELTIC HEROES, a Massively Multiplayer Online 3D role-playing game available for the Ipad for .. nothing!  Short take is that this is a fun little game available for free.  It’s worth picking this one up.  Highly recommended.

It’s not Warcraft or Second Life, but it does interface with many other players online at once. I’ve only scratched the surface of it. I hope they continue to improve the interface.

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

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2 responses to “Lightning Review: CELTIC HEROES for the Ipad

  1. This game is rated 9+ which is false advertizing. Language filter is easily defeated, sexual harassment is not discouraged, female outfits are revealing, this is not a game for kids.

    • False by your compass isn’t a universal statement. I’m not sure the creators of this game ever claimed it was for children; even so it’s pretty impossible to bully anyone who chooses not to respond. I agree, the public chat is tiresome in the extreme but I tune it out these days. I’ve never regarded the female outfits as being excessive. They are fantasy normal, if anything.