Command and Colors Napoleonics Support website

I was approached by Allesandro Crespi, who administers a website I had not heard of before,  This is a support website for the creation and deployment of Command and Colors Napoleonics scenarios, design tools, FAQs, forums and after action reports.  I’m quite impressed with the level of effort being displayed with this website.  In any event will be hosting the two scenarios I had posted here a while ago, Fuentes De Onoro and Crossing the Duoro River, redone in what appears to be their standard graphical format.  I rather like the way they look.

Fuentes De Onoro

Crossing the Duoro

If you like Command and Colors: Napoleonics, (and why shouldn’t you, it won GAMES MAGAZINE’s Historical Simulation of 2011!) be sure to check out when you get a chance.

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