People will do the oddest things for five bucks

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A friend of mine on recently mentioned in an offhand way that she had hired a Christopher Walken impersonator to send her friend a happy birthday crank call.  I was somewhat incredulous when she said it cost only five dollars.  It turns out there’s a clearinghouse website out there, structured somewhat like in look and feel, that vends unusual services for the princely sum of five dollars.  The site, called, lists a wide variety of services from the mundane (relationship advice) to the unusual (spelling out a specialized message on a scrabble board and making a stop motion film of it), in sequential order with a category index on the right hand side of the page.  To say I find this concept charming is a vast understatement.  Here is a listing of some of the services I noticed on the page today:

  • I will dance in my famous spandex suit for you for $5
  • I will hand coo the song of your choice for $5
  • I will write any message on my lips and take high res photo for $5
  • I will say anything like a message or testimonial using my chin as Chinelope for $5
  • I will make a Video Testimonial of up to 2 minutes for $5
  • I will record up to 5 minutes of voiceover work for $5
  • I have podcasting experience and can record audio… (by emi1138 )
  • I will choreograph your choice of music in a 20sec video for $5
  • I will draw your Disney portrait for $5
  • I will make a video testimonial cute irish girl marketing for $5

What a great idea.. services that aren’t onerous in cost and add a little zest to life, for the most part.  Though I can hardly imagine what a chinelope is…

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