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Pursuant to my New Year’s Eve resolutions, I’m going to more gaming Meetups.  I like the one at Caribou Coffee that is put on by the Northern Virginia Boardgame Meetup, because it’s close and I don’t have to feel like a stranger visiting someone’s home.  Of course, the crowd definitely has their own tastes in games…



Bucket o' Euros

And so what if they, um.. like those games about worker assignment and moving goods around the Mediterranean sea, and building french medieval cities? You know what, they had a great time, we had a great time, it’s all win-win!

Gar and I didn’t have the neighbor’s kid with us today, so I reached into the back of the vault to pick up a game we haven’t played in a long while, but I recall Garrett liking a lot, namely WINGS OF WAR. I have all of the WWI era boxed sets, but passed on WW2 (already having Down in Flames), as well as the miniatures.  I thought they were too pricey when they came out, now I’m regretting not investing in them.


We played a little one on one game from WATCH YOUR BACK!, the second boxed release of Wings of War.  Gar took a two-seater, an UFAG.  I fought against that with a Sopwith Snipe:

Sopwith Snipe

It proved an unequal contest.  I didn’t have the rear firing machine gun, and Gar managed to line me up for his devastating back shot every time I overshot him.


At Start. (Above)


He's got a shot!

He’s got a shot!! Rut Roh!

it's nothing

It’s nothing!

Once again, it’s nothing!

Gar gets some engine problems..

Oh noes! Another victim of the vicious rear gunner! SEVEN POINTS! I’m doomed.

And then.. the magical BIG BOOM card, and I was done for.

And this is all she wrote, in the order of my plane taking damage.

We played another round, this time with a late arriving gamer named Kristen. Let’s just say this.. I may curtail the use of the “fireball card” and might force us to ride in forward firing planes only.

Garrett set my plane on fire two turns in a row. I put in a solid effort, but ended up dying in a fireball.

However, it took this many cards to kill me.


Happily, Kristen managed to turn GARRETT into a fireball, so the tide was turned.

He was a good sport about it. Yay Kristen!

We played her card game of Mad Libs card game afterward, since we didn’t have a lot of time. I was underwhelmed with it.. it’s incredibly hard to meet the per-goal victory thresholds. Vague instructions don’t help this very much.

I had forgotten how much fun WINGS OF WAR is.  It’s perfect for a meeting, not much setup, quickplaying and simple to teach.  I like it.

So that was the evening. We had a wonderful time, and hope to be at the next one in February!

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