Lightning Review: LOOT AND SCOOT by Victory Point Games

A new series of short reviews of IOS/Android game apps, produced using my Ipad2 and coming in at five minutes or less per review.

This was a LR of LOOT AND SCOOT, by Victory Point Games.  Loot and Scoot started life as a paper and cardboard game and was recently ported to both Android and IOS (Ipad) platforms as a game app.  My experience is entirely with the Ipad version, though I’m certain the Android game wouldn’t play any differently.  Loot and Scoot can be summarized as a fun little rolling dice and luck-pressing game with a heavy fantasy dungeon crawl theme.

Production note: I apologize for the audio cutoff at the end there, I was just saying “Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy Loot and Scoot”.

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