The Evil Octopuzzler!

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In the words of Chuck Norris in the memorable OCTAGON: “Doggo is not the answer… nswer… swer… wer… er… r…”

Okay, that quote didn’t even make sense to me, but it does tie in nicely with this month’s octogan theme. Much like the fabled 8 sided ninja arena of death, this challenge should inspire fear and dread, and lots of whispery, echoing internal dialogue, just like Chuck Norris.

Can you enter 8 numbers into the OctoPlus? Well, sure you can, but the right ones?

The rules: No two numbers are the same; all are whole numbers with a value no lower than 1 and no greater than 35.

Octo-Plus Puzzler

Octo-Plus Puzzler: Defeat the Power of the Octogan!


1. E minus C is either 20 or 21.

2. B equals H plus D.

3. A fifth of E is an even number.

4. H equals G plus C

5. D equals F minus G.

6. G is half of C.

7. F equals E minus G.

8. A is equal to 144 minus the sum of the other 7 numbers.

Got it? Good. Have fun, Octagon ninjas!

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