Quarriors is hip, Cosmic Encounters rocks and so does the Shut up and Sit Down show

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2011, everyone!

The Shut Up and Sit Down! show is rapidly becoming a favorite gaming podcast/vidcast of mine. The show, a combination of blog and vimeo videos by Quintin Smith and Paul Dean, is funny, splendidly irreverent, clever and very well written. Even more interesting is that each episode of the video is acted.. It’s a story of sorts. You don’t usually get this kind of thing with other boardgame centric podcasts.. a narrative behind the subject of the show. Each Shut up and Sit Down show tries to have fun with the material, and Smith and Dean usually succeed. Episode 7, which aired just before Christmas 2011, reviewed QUARRIORS, a recent acquisition of mine (BGG Secret Santa 2011). The show had only lukewarm praise for the game (or perhaps it could better be described as a “split” between the two reviewers), a point of view I enjoy and respect. Podcasts can often be a little “cheerleadery” with their reviews. Smith and Dean aren’t negative for the sake of being negative, and with classic British dry wit, demonstrate what they like and don’t like without dwelling on pleasantries. And they are funny!

Here’s the most recent episode, which serves up QUARRIORS (is it a toy, or a game, or some sort of mutant?), PHANTOM LEADER (criticized for too much paperwork), a trio of print and play games (one was too hard, one was too lean, the last was roundly derided), and COSMIC ENCOUNTER (justifiably given best game ever status) were all reviewed in the show, in the midst of a story about two friends having a tiff on Christmas, going off to a sulk, and then reuniting again. What a great episode, and keep in mind it was about boardgames!

I’ll still listen to traditional shows where one or more people sit down in front of microphone and ramble on about boardgames, but I love the format of SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. Highly recommended.