An Ipad based Internet coffee house

On the way in to the Nigel Clark Invitational tonight, I dropped in to get a cup of coffee at the new coffee shop in Chantilly Plaza, Coffeesmith.

The Coffee Smith, Chantilly Plaza

The coffee is reasonably well made swill.  One doesn’t expect quality coffee after 5PM, anyway.  I thought it was a little burned and tasteless. When I turned away after purchasing a medium drip coffee, I noticed the real charm of this place:

Voila! an Ipad internet cafe!

A bunch of Ipads wired for the Internet access. Instead of having a series of laptops, a little Ipad network. Absolutely charming. If I didn’t have my Ipad2 with me already, I would have indulged in a little online time.

I like this idea. I’m not sure how Ipads work in a network setting– whether someone can set up a print server with Ipads, for instance. Still, it’s charming, and I’d like to explore it some more when I have a chance. Pretty Nifty, Eh?


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