Resolutions: We need a new end of the world meme.

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I don’t know about you, but the Zombie Apocalypse is starting to get a little smelly, and by that I mean stale and boring, not the noisome stench of rot and decay.  Granted, the Walking Dead is one of the coolest shows on Basic Cable.  Granted, zombies are fun to play with as a concept– the notion of “Zombie Apocalypse” has ebbed and flowed as a sort of geek-referenced meme since the late 70s, roughly the time of the first wave of the zombie survivalist films that were heralded by Romero’s Dawn of the Deadand

Dawn of the Dead

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continued with Day of the Dead, Zombie and all the zombie films that came after in the 80s, then reprised in the 2000s through a miasma of modern remakes, sequels and tangents like 28 Days Later. Max Brooks contributed to the saturation with his wonderful Zombie Survival Guide in 2003, and with the novel World War Z two years later (soon to be a major motion picture).

The cover to The Zombie Survival Guide

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The sheer saturation of the notion of a fictional undead rising has been pervasive in modern society.  Gradually, the meme of “this will all be meaningless when the dead rise” has entered into the argot.   There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s becoming overdone.  Even I, the most ardent fan of zombie flicks breathing air, can occasionally be heard to mutter under his breath… “alright already, enough with the zombie apocalypse.. been there, done that…”

Proposed: A NEW GIANT ROBOT Apocalypse! Giant unfeeling automatons, bringing destruction with every careless footfall, demolishing buildings, people and steam trains in their wake! Hunting humanity for God knows what purpose, perhaps as energy of some sort! Yeah, that’s right, energy!! Maybe they are the creation of a mad genius with a grudge against humanity. Maybe they’re some form of space alien. Maybe they just spontaneously evolved as some form of new higher machine consciousness. At the end of the day, who cares? The Robots are here and they’re bent on destroying humanity! It is up to those rugged few to beat back the giant Robot carnage!! So join in now and get in on the ground floor with a new Internet mime in 2012!

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  1. Dewey LaRochelle

    My sister gave me the book Robopocalypse for Christmas. I will let you know…

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