Join the Experiment: Play by Email game via Evernote web and Ipad app…

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Evernote Web is a unique utility that allows a user to take notes, capture pictures, ideas and documents and share them across the web over a wide variety of platforms. Since Evernote notes and information captures can be read easily on a PC (via Evernote Web), Android Smartphones (via the Evernote app) or IOS devices, (via the App), or any IoS device such as an Ipad, Ipod or Iphone, it really becomes a useful method of communicating to a lot of people in different places all at once.  And being the gaming geek that I am, that sort of conjures up Play By Email games, but done in an entirely new way.  Or kind of entirely new– shared file spaces are NOT new, they have been around for a while; see,, and Google Docs.    There’s just something about Evernote‘s implementation that I really enjoy.  For starters, it can view the same information over  so many platforms, easily, and I can share folders to the whole world or to certain individuals.  I can do that in Google Docs and Dropbox and Box, too, but again, it’s a touchy feely thing.

Evernote on different platforms

Evernote on different platforms: The same note on an Ipod Touch and an Ipad, I also can see it on my Android phone, but I had to take the picture with something.

SO.. trying to put this idea to some use, I thought it might be fun to run a PBeM game in the shared space I’ve put up on Evernote web.  I have created a shared folder here:  I don’t think you will need to download a client to view this folder, since I shared it to the world.

The game I’m going to test this concept out with is called BY POPULAR DEMAND (BPD).  If you’ve read this blog for over a year or so, you know I’ve run BPD games before on here.  The pbemgames folder currently has the rules to the game.  I will process a turn by selecting a General Category, then Six Categories that fit that general category, and a magic letter.  If you would like to play, email me at  Every week I’ll process a turn or two, depending on how quickly they are turned in.  The game runs for ten turns.  You are scored by how many categories match the categories of the answers of everyone that sends in a response.  Thus, if the Category is “Male names beginning with the letter J”, and ten people send me JOE and 3 people send me JEREMY, the JOEs will get ten points and the JEREMYs will receive 3 points.  See how it works?  It may seem mindlessly simple but the skill is in guessing not what YOU think is right, but what EVERYONE thinks is right.

So, please feel free to hop in.  I will post a spreadsheet to the Evernote folder above via my Ipad once I get about 6 plus people playing.  I will email everyone from Evernote informing them when the game starts.  I hope you can join us!


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2 responses to “Join the Experiment: Play by Email game via Evernote web and Ipad app…

  1. Heaven forbid you actually have a camera in the house! 😉

  2. Dewey LaRochelle

    I’ll try and remember to check when I get home. If I can figure it out I will join in.

    And Amen Greyhawk!