Anniversary Time! 7 Years of Singularity

Mister Nizz the laughing man

Mister Nizz's Anniversary

It will soon be December 14.  So what?  Well, on December 14, 2004, I posted the first post to the predecessor to this blog, “Another Point of Singularity”.  I had maintained another blog called “A Point of Singularity” on prior to that date, but I was greatly dissatisfied with the service at the time (no idea if they have improved, actually, I haven’t kept track).  I hosted Singularity on for five years, until I made the move to, for reasons mostly had to do with administrative control and tighter security from spammers (at the time).  I consider 14 December 2004 to bt the starting point for this blog for a couple reasons.  First of all, I exported the archive of posts from to when I migrated over.  Secondly, The hosting platform and tools are and always have been secondary to me– a blog is about what you have to say, not the place where you say it.  So, really, this blog has been around for 7 years.  Seven years of constant prattle, or nearly so.  I’ve averaged roughly 3 posts a week (conservatively), which I think is a pretty good record, if I do say so!   For the record, that’s 2,150 posts over all that time.  You can get a pretty good idea of what I post about from the links in the sidebar, or you could try searching in the word cloud to go back to earlier than 2009.  Everything from 2004 to 2009 has been imported into the message archive..  Going back to earlier days of Blogger and Xanga, I find a few of them to be cringe-worthy… specifically Xanga, which I deleted about a year ago.  I like to think I am writing at a better standard these days.  I like blogging; I think it helps my creativity and writing ability to constantly be writing and posting something.  I hope somebody out there reads this stuff, but I won’t be particularly upset if nobody does.  Sometimes the journey IS the reward.  So, in any event, I’m not sure where this Singularity will be in the next 7 years but I suspect it will be around  in some form, fashion or design.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Dewey LaRochelle

    I read it every day. Work is slow.