Arnold Schwarzenneger and the best DVD Commentary ever

Cover of "Total Recall"

DVD Comment tracks can be fun, useful, entertaining and full of inside information that the viewer had no inkling of before buying the DVD. Then there’s the way Arnold Schwarzenegger does them:

This might be the most unintentionally hilarious bit of the whole Total Recall DVD. Strongly recommend this one for a thoughtful Christmas present.. Arnold literally narrating the movie from start to finish as if the person watching it is visually impaired. And, you know, sounding like Arnold. I think someone should tell him what DVD commentaries are supposed to be like. Or better yet, don’t, he could create a whole other career just doing commentaries like these.

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One response to “Arnold Schwarzenneger and the best DVD Commentary ever

  1. You will love his commentary for Conan the barbarian. Trust me!