Look what my BGG Secret Santa gave me for Christmas.

Secret Santa (The Office)

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Every year, Boardgamegeek throws a little Secret Santa event online, with tons of retailers and participants playing along.  The idea is you are assigned a target, who is in turn assigned to someone else.  Then you look at your target’s wish list (on Boardgamegeek) and if they have done their homework it’s easy get an idea of what their targets want.

So guess what was waiting on my front doorstep?

Yay! Secret Santa!

And inside:


Quarriors!! plus the new expansion.

I received the new QUARRIORS dice-building game as well as the just released Demon World Expansion for the same game.  My package was preceded by an anonymous letter courtesy of BGG’s internal messaging system:

Subject: HO HO and HO
  • Dear Mister Nizz,Santa just wanted to drop you a line to let you know your gift is on its way. You had a lot of good stuff on your wishlist and Santa was torn on what to get you. Santa knows it can be hard getting wargame opponents sometimes, so a solitaire wargame was his first thought, but in the end you’ll be getting something that will hopefully be enjoyed by a variety of people, yourself included, of course.

    It should be there in the next week or so, and it is supposed to be gift-wrapped if you wish to unpack it when it arrives. As for when to open it, Santa leaves that to your discretion, ho ho ho.

    Happy Holidays from the North,

His (or her) instincts were sound; Quarriors is definitely a game that has been on my radar since it was announced– and something tells me it might get more play than a wargame right now.  THANKS, SECRET SANTA! You made my week. I’ll take this game to the Scout lock-in over the weekend. I can’t wait to play it with a captive audience.

And that’s why I love the Secret Santa program.


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