Help some disadvantaged families have a warm Winter this year…

Garrett Hard at work

Garrett Hard at Work. We've filled up one of those trailers in the back of the lot already.

I don’t normally focus on my family in this blog because, frankly, it’s a privacy thing. However, Gar (aka, my son Garrett) is brewing up something big, really, really BIG for his Boy Scout Eagle project, and there might be some time for community involvement, at least locally.   As some of you might know, the Boy Scouts require a community based project as a way of demonstrating your commitment to the community.  A critical element is NOT to do it yourself, but to rally the fellow scouts, organize it, and lead it.  Garrett’s project was unique, at least in my personal experience, which isn’t authoritative.  Rather than paint something or build a bench somewhere, Garrett came up with this idea:  Let’s collect coats (later amended to warm clothing in general) for poor and disadvantaged people in Appalachia and the Blue Ridge area.   I liked this, so we pitched it to the local troop and governing council for the boy scouts, National Capital Area Council.   A distribution point has been found in the Romney, West Virginia area at a Baptist church.  My son’s sponsoring organization, Franconia Moose Lodge (1076) in Springfield, has overwhelmingly committed to the project, with a generous outpouring of contributions and support– not just clothing, but space, facilities, encouragement and volunteer services.  So far, we have had a fantastic turnout.  140 assorted bags, bails, boxes and assorted bundles of clothing have been collected.  We are well on our way to filling up our giant (donated) trailer we will be using for transporting the clothing.  I’m quite proud of how this little idea has blossomed into a major operation with many contributors, both scouting age and adult, pitching in to do the right thing.  Garrett’s initial read on this was right on the mark.. the Baptist church in Romney reports that many families are in dire economic need this Winter and this clothing drive will help out many, many families.

Obviously, Gar’s done a lot so far.  If you’d like to contribute a bag or two of clothing, there’s still time.  Our departure date is 10 December 2011.  If you would like to drop off a donation, our collection point is in the Franconia Moose Lodge, Northern Virginia, near the intersection of Beulah and Telegraph Roads, in Springfield.  Location:  If you think you can drop it by before departure date, we can use ANYTHING you’d care to donate in the clothing line.

 Thank you so much in advance, and happy holidays. 

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