Mountain Dew Throwback — Hillbilly Demon Juice

In case you haven’t noticed it, the competition for consumption of HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) has increased in the last five years.  Conversely, the price of regular cane sugar has taken a dip.  Starting back in the 1990s, Coke started swapping out corn syrup for sugar in specially marketed production runs aimed at the Latin-American immigrant market.   These proved to be be the origin of a “sugar Coke boom” as many consumers who swore they prefered the taste of sugared Coke over HFCS Coke.  In the last five years or thereabouts, producers of ethanol fuels are making ever-increasing demands on corn production.  The decline in the once-cheap and plentiful corn syrup resource prompted Pepsi to jump on the Sugar drink bandwagon and release limited production runs of their “Throwback line” of drinks.  Pepsi throwback drinks started in 2008 in limited quantities with Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback.  I hadn’t paid much attention to this phenomenon, myself, as I’m not much of a sugared soda drinker these days.  I drink diet or nothing most days.  However, back in the day, Mountain Dew had a peculiar stranglehold on my soul.  The Mountain Dew monkey on my back kept me awake through a long series of late night paper writing sessions in college as well as awake in class the next day.  I stopped drinking Dew when they changed the formula, some time in the late 80s– the resulting (non-diet) Mountain Dew tasted like industrial slurry.  So I haven’t paid much attention to Dew since those days.  That is, until today, at the potluck lunch being held upstairs.  And there it was.. a whole case of glistening white cans of Hillbilly Demon juice.. the sugared, “throwback” to an earlier age, Mountain Dew Throwback.

Mountain Dew Throwback.. get back, you hillbilly mutants!

I had one with lunch, because A) there wasn’t anything diet except water, and B) the old retro style hillbilly art theme from the original 1941 production run really intrigued me. Almost immediately, I was reliving a taste of nostalgia from my college days.. Mountain Dew throwback is sweet, tastes like the original.. and went down so smooth I snuck another down to my desk for later, and there it sits, half consumed. Laughing at me with a hillbilly accent. Check out the calories in ONE CAN! And the effects!  It’s two HOURS later and I’m still furiously tapping one leg on the floor, shaking off the effects of caffeine and sugar.

Get behind me, you Hillbilly Devil Juice… I shall not drink of you again!!!

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