Diving the Vizcaya

Cristobal Colon and Vizcaya, copyright CC
Cristobal Colon and Vizcaya, copyright CC

My recent acquisition of Richard Houston’s Battle of Lissa fleet at the FALL-IN! flea market has had me revisiting some old websites on pre-dreadnoughts.  One that I have visited on and off again is BIG,BAD BATTLESHIPS (BBB), a comprehensive library of articles, photographs and information on pre-dreadnought naval ships.  I’m a little confused as to the status of this site– my google search showed the site down and non-responsive, yet my link on the left hand column of my own site goes directly to the navigation table for the main BBB website.  So the link above is to the web-archive listing, the “official url” is:


Like many great historical websites, visiting BBB is kind of like shopping on the Ikea self-service floor… you’re not sure you want this but this leads you to that and after a while you’ve been there several hours wondering where the time has gone.  Two examples of BBB verisimilitude are these videos I just discovered about diving the wrecks still on the ocean floor left over from the Battle of Santiago de Cuba on 3 July 1898.  This battle was a one-sided affair at best and resulted in the complete destruction of the Spanish Caribbean fleet.    As a result of the battle many wrecks litter the ocean floor just south of Cuba.  The videos are of a dive on the wreck of the Vizcaya.  Fascinating to watch– they appear to be a video from a company that seems to specialize in wreck diving.

Alimrante Oquendo part 1/2:

Almirante Oquendo part 2/2:


  1. As the owner and chief author of BigBadBattleships.com, thank you for your kind comments! The site is still there at its *actual* URL, http://www.CityofArt.net/bship/finalproject.htm My domain forwarding expired when my reseller jacked up their rate about 300% and I refused to pay. I am currently negotiating for them to free up my domain (they have to issue a code and are pretending I don’t exist, although I was their customer for over 5 years) to go with another provider. Within a few weeks at most, you should be able to access the site at BigBadBattleships.com .

    New on the site: *Account of the Battle of Santiago by Capt. “Fighting Bob” Evans *The later French armored cruisers – complete plans & specs
    *The Boiler Room *Footage of the TITANIC’s engines from the film TITANIC *British battleships of the 1880s *US light & protected cruisers 1900-1910 *New writeup of the U.S. New Navy *Birth of Naval Aviation *Men of the U.S. New Navy *New figurehead photos *Precis of the Chilean Navy *Updates to Italian and Russian navies.

    Bung ho, shipmates! Lift a glass to those weird warships of the past, and all who sailed in them.
    – “Sir Percival Poppycock, OPS, KCIE”

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