FALL-IN! 2011 Goes MOBILE!!!

picture of Guidebook on various platforms
Guidebook App on various platforms.

Announcing the Guidebook Smartphone App for FALL-IN! 2011!

HMGS is continuing our experiment in delivering critical convention information to individual users using smartphone technology this FALL IN. Working in partnership with Guidebookapp,com, We have created a limited beta of FALL-IN! electronic guides that download to your Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, or any Android phone.

FALL-IN! 2011 Guidebook Features:

— The entire convention schedule, that’s events, lectures, everything, available via a single guidebook app.

— Maps to the convention spaces.

— Vendor/Exhibitor information.

— A scheduler that will allow you to plan your entire time at the convention.. and it will alert you when an event is coming up by sounding an alarm.

— The ability to “Tweet” your current event to Twitter as you are playing it.

This is our first year using this service– we introduced Guidebook at HISTORICON 2011 and achieved 380 downloads from out of our five hundred downloads per convention limit, so we will still use the limited free service until demand exceeds supply. We may expand our downloads for future conventions if we discover that there is a big demand for Guidebook– but first we need to know if you will use it, or if it is indeed worth the effort for you.

BOTTOM LINE: there’s five hundred downloads. First come, first served. But if you download guidebook, HMGS would GREATLY appreciate feedback on how you use it, and what you would like to see added to it.

I (Walt O’Hara) punched in FALL-IN! 2011 and am collecting feedback from users at Hotspur@rocketmail.com. I am interested in what more I could add to the guidebook, as well as if we use up every one of the 500 guidebook downloads. This will give me more data on how to approach COLD WARS 2011. Thanks for your assistance in advance.

Walt O’Hara


The main page for the Guidebook app is here: guidebookapp.com or on it can be viewable on guidebookapp’s mobile site: m.guidebookapp.com

1. Get the app

For Android Phones:

The Guidebook app is available in the Android Marketplace for free.


For Apple Iphones, or Ipods, or Ipads:

The Guidebook app is available in the App Marketplace for free:


2. Install as you would a normal IoS or Android application.

3. Launch the application.

4. After the app is installed, a main menu item will be “Download the Guides”

You will see FALL-IN! 2011 prominently in the front page of downloadable guides. If you are in a spot with wireless or use a 3G/4G data network, it should drop down to your device promptly.

5. Once it’s on your device: You can select Schedule, Maps, Artist’s Row, Twitter, My Schedule, To Do List, Exhibitors, and General Info. That’s about it! Use and enjoy! You can get a rundown on the features here: link

For Blackberry Users: http://m.guidebookapp.com/

For Windows Phone 7 Users: http://m.guidebookapp.com/

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