The Northern Virginia political sign game

Political SIgns

Political Signs in Northern Va.. they dot the landscape this time of year

We have a traditional game for the traditional election season political sign glut that plagues our area every other Autumn.  The challenge is to try to say the names on every  sign as you pass them doing the speed limit– and for really large signs you vamp it a bit, “jazz hands” style. Back when there was one row of signs on the dividing strip, it was hard but doable.  By late October in Virginia, every square inch of space is used with triple and even quadruple rows of signs, making the “game” a inchoate mess to behold.  When you get candidates with polysyllabic or hyphenated names, it can be hilarious. 

Observe exhibit A: Driving on Old Keene Mill Road. (MP4 file from a phone camera, will launch in another window)


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