John Travolta: Time Traveler.

Hollywood is developing an Eternity problem. Especially for actors in FACE/OFF! You may recall that Nicolas Cage is a vampire. As if we ever doubted it. Now we are presented with documentary proof that actor John Travolta is a real time traveler!

John Travolta, Time Traveler

on the left, Travolta in 1860s. on the right, Travolta in the late 2000s

And why shouldn’t Travolta jump back in forth in time, eh? The Church of Scientology certainly believes he can. According to the official Church of Scientology magazine Advance! (#130, pgs.22-23), an Operating Thetan claimed to have walked directly into the path of an oncoming truck but saved his own life by traveling in time to before he left his home. If just a regular Scientologist schmoe can do that, imagine how far back in time a huge, movie star, money-donatin’ Scientologist like Travolta can jump! The Civil War is nothing to these guys!

Of course, like the ears on the ancient Nic Cage photo, I have my doubts about the documentary evidence. It certainly looks like the spitting image of Travolta, but wow, the rest of his body is all out of proportion to his head. That’s a giant body for that tiny melon. So I’ll keep reserving my doubts until *I* can go back in time and meet Travolta and Cage back there in the anti-bellum past. Still, it’s danged amusing, I must admit.

Here’s an appropriate closer:


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