Daily Archives: September 22, 2011

Nicolas Cage: Vampire

Has actor Nicholas Cage existed since the 19th century? Possibly before? Observe the photographic evidence for yourself:

Proof? That N. Cage is a Vampire? Wait, we've seen him in daylight..

The Photograph on the right dates back to the American Civil War and is alleged to depict a Confederate Officer and prisoner of war. The photograph recently went on sale on Ebay for one million dollars. The description pimped the astounding resemblance between the subject of the photograph and Mr. Cage, the Hollywood actor. The item was either purchased (by Mr. Cage, covering his tracks, perhaps? He could afford it) or has been withdrawn from sale. Here’s a little more information. Personally, I think it is an astounding resemblance.. The only thing throwing me is the left ear, which seems to be at a weird angle from the angular and perhaps a tad more symmetrical Mr. Cage. Well, who knows, maybe vampires can get a little work done.

I’d dismiss this as just a spectacular coincidence, were it not similar to the plot of an average Nicolas Cage film. See for yourself!