The Awesome Destructive Power of Water

In the wake of Hurricane Irene and the followup storms Jose and Katia, the area I live in experienced torrential downpours and flooding for several days running. The erosion impact of the attendant surge on suburban creeks and streams has been pretty ugly, but not (I thought) devastating, until I noticed this closed road near my house in Northern Va.

collapsed bridge

That’s right, the creek washed out the bridge and most of the road.

road collaps

It doesn’t appear to be over yet, in fact.. this road has major cracks in it that are on a bed of red clay.. One more tropical storm like last week, and this is all going to slide into the creek bed.


more collapse

bridge from below

Same view from below

smile everyone

Smile everyone, it’s the holocaust


Check out the silt build-up…


roots exposed

Tree roots exposed by the bank washing away

for sale

Given the events of the previous week, this sign seemed both poignant and gently ironic..

It’s amazing how much power is locked up in water, isn’t it?


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