Follow up to Hammerin’ Iron 2

Follow up to Hammerin’ Iron 2 Review

The USS CHOCTAW, copyright Rod Langton

The USS CHOCTAW, copyright Rod Langton

I didn’t know any 1:1200 scaled manufacturers when I typed up the recent Hammerin’ Iron 2 review.  Now I do.

NAVWAR Miniatures has a very nice 1:1200 ACW era ironclads line.  They are “workmanlike” in that they certainly look like ironclads, but the closeup details may leave something to be desired.  I have bought NAVWAR models for Ancient Galley warfare and I like them– but I mostly bought them to bulk up a fleet.  Since the ACW featured very individualized ship to ship warfare for the most part (“fleet actions” really didn’t rise to the definition of the term, historically), I would maybe spend a little more and go with option 2, which is..

Langton Miniatures.  Rod Langton is a superb modeler in any scale but seems to have a knack for the really, really tiny stuff.  I have purchased individual ships from his galley line to play the role of command ships and specialty ships for Galley Warfare.  The Langton ACW line is, in my opinion, second to none in this scale.

As for hex size for Hammerin’ Iron 2 for 1:1200, I’m going to take a wild hand wave and suggest 2 inch hexes.  That should be enough space to encompass just about any sized model in 1:1200



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