Beer, Chicks and Wargames

Generally speaking, reading another fellow’s drinking stories can be as dull as watching paint dry unless the reader, in turn, is a bit inebriated. It depends on the skill of the writer. I was simply taken with the title of this thinly disguised memoir of the author’s sojourn at USC.. It has a certain charm. Maybe not enough charm to induce me to pony up the asking price, but I like the fact that Mr. Spikeman published it. Bravo, sir, you have encapsulated my academic career nicely.

Beer Chicks and Wargames by Spikeman

Beer Chicks and Wargames by Spikeman


It is the fall of 1991 at the University of South Carolina. The world is changing. Enter Bart, a stubborn, opinionated and fiercely independent kid who goes to college to get away from his home town and push back adulthood for as long as possible. Beer, Chicks and Wargames: The 6-Year College Plan is his memoir. While getting a degree would certainly be a plus, that goal quickly becomes secondary as Bart discovers Beer, Chicks and Wargames, as well as a myriad of other temptation along the way. He also has a knack for getting into all sorts of trouble. Bart fails in almost everything, yet stubbornly refuses to adapt or mature to meet the academic, fiscal and social challenges facing him. Only desperation and sheer luck keep him afloat from one misadventure to the next until he finds his true calling. In this bitingly honest and humorous look at college life in America, Gregory Spikeman takes the reader on a nostalgic ride through the 90s – the music, culture, technology, and the dysfunctional youth of Generation X. Publisher’s website:

You can find it on Amazon. Hurry, there are only 7 left. By the way, the map in the background is Avalon Hill’s EMPIRE IN ARMS, the very same game mentioned in the post “Has the Sun Set On the Friendly Little Game Store?” as being left set up for a year in a hobby shop I frequented in my recently post-collegiate days. See? I can be topical!

4 responses to “Beer, Chicks and Wargames

  1. Ah, but you should pony it up. What’s $15 on Amazon these days?

    Thanks for the kind words about my book. it was a labor of love.


  2. Hey, I just got mine from Amazon today. Already started reading it after perusing for EMPIRE IN ARMS and Victory Games’ AMBUSH stories! Yup, this pretty much reflected a good bit of my college experience as well (except we were playing CONQUISTADOR, WOODEN SHIPS AND IRON MEN, “CAPTURE THE BEER KEG” SNIPER, and SQUAD LEADER)….

  3. I just got mine from Amazon two days ago and started reading it. Of course, I had to peruse it for stories of EMPIRES IN ARMS sessions and Victory Games’ AMBUSH. Matches my college experiences pretty much as well, except we were playing CONQUISTADOR, WOODEN SHIPS & IRON MEN, “CAPTURE THE BEER KEG” SNIPER (homegrown variant), and SQUAD LEADER….

  4. We played RICHTOFEN’S WAR a lot (using our own convoluted plane signaling system for pilots on the same team), RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH, GETTYSBURG (77), DIPLOMACY, and a couple of SPI Monster games that I sat in on but never played to completion– TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD, NATO, and THE NEXT WAR, I think. I was a fan of the old WAR OF THE RING and SWORDS AND SORCERY games but rarely found anyone with the patience to play them with me. Beer, now Beer.. that, that I could write a book on.