History, Mystery Boo! for 30 July 2011: The Subject Was Vetoed


Who was the FIRST American president to use the Line Item Veto?

It’s another History, Mystery, BOO! for 30 July 2011– in which the question of “Who were the youngest five generals to serve on either side in the American Civil War?” is cleared up with surprising results. AND.. the question for next week: “Who was the FIRST American President to utilize the Line Item Veto?”

Have fun, and we’ll answer in the next History Mystery BOO!


DIRECT LINK NOTE: I ran out of time on this Boo, so the additional minute and 18 seconds is contained in an audio comment I recorded to this Boo, located at this link, which is also handy for FACEBOOK users.

2 responses to “History, Mystery Boo! for 30 July 2011: The Subject Was Vetoed

  1. dennis largess

    Not sure if he actually used it, but the illustration is of Andy Jackson. A very divisive figure in his life.
    Today we mostly know him as having the only equestrian statue (rearing on two legs, representing his bodily wounds from military service) at Lafayette Square in front of the White House in DC.
    He earned those wounds fighting against the Indians and the british. A hugely determined individual, besides stopping the brits at New Orleans (after the Peace Treaty was signed – but due to the lag in getting the word back from Europe, no one knew) his other well known act is the banishment of the Native Americans to Indian Country (Kansas/Oklahoma) from the Southeast states.

  2. Dewey LaRochelle

    Bill Clinton was the last President to use the line item veto.The line item veto was struck down by the supreme court in Clinton v. City of New York in 1998 by a 6 to 3 decision. The court held that the line-item veto law violates a constitutional requirement that legislation be passed by both houses of Congress and presented in its entirety to the president for signature or veto.

    And I did mention Custer in my answer. I can’t help it if people change their birthdays.