The Annual pre-GENCON Magical Chariot Combat event!

The annual tradition of Steve Gibson running his excellent CIRCUS MAGICUS race game a week before heading up to run it at GENCON Indy is well known and has been represented in this journal before. I almost always attend these games, as the CM system is hugely fun. Steve has been working on it for about 15 years as far as I can tell, and it gets better every year with the constant feedback of his gaming group (e.g., us). The game plays sort of like a stripped down version of SILENT DEATH (mostly the chariot sheet element of tracking damage) and CIRCUS MAXIMUS (AH’s old chariot game) combined. Even with the mechanics fine-tuned for speed, we rarely finish games of CM if we start later than 7 o’clock. Hey, with some games, it’s the journey, not the destination. As usual, I had a great time.. and I brought Garrett to play in his first race. He LOVED it and got into the spirit of things immediately!!

Beholder Chariot

Gar's Chariot, the FEARSOME BEHOLDER CHARIOT (3 x beast attack)

Burmese War Elephant

My much less impressive BURMESE WAR ELEPHANT, but it does have five missile fighters.

The Starting Lineup

The Starting Lineup

The Da Vincis give the Orcs "Shrapnel Therapy"

The Da Vincis give the Orcs "Shrapnel Therapy"

Mid-Race Action!

The Beholders board the Hobbits and slay FOUR of them!!

And on to a little slide show:

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Final Standing!

Video Footage:

Steve Gibson demonstrating his method of Throwing Melee Dice

Steve giving a comprehensive overview of the combat and fighting mechanics.

Garrett gets in the spirit of things and makes a case to get more coins..

Garrett giving a summary of his race experience.

Katie’s ferocious hobbits say they’ll gut Garret’s Beholder crew “Like a Trout!”

Our GM exalting in victory

Our GM exalting in victory


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