Farewell, Little Grumbler

I lost my little friend today. Gabby, our little rescue pug, gave up this mortal coil this afternoon. She might have been 12, she might have been 16. The folks at the shelter really weren’t sure of how old she was when she came to the shelter.

Gabby the Grumbler

Gabby the Grumbler

I called her “The Grumbler” because her snorty, raspy breathing always sounded like she was pissed off and complaining about something. She wasn’t conventionally affectionate, just demanded to know I was there– she would come into a room I was in, walk over, stare at me, then grumble a bit and tuck in next to my feet and snore. I’ll miss that.

She used to sit by my feet when I painted miniatures, or on the couch next to me when I was watching TV. There wont’ be another like her. I wish she had lasted longer, but I realize that pugs don’t last forever. Farewell, little Grumbler. May you always have a comfortable couch in Heaven.

3 responses to “Farewell, Little Grumbler

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Gabby. She looks like she was 10 pounds of character in a 5 pound bag. Rescue animals are always the best… She was lucky to have such good people to look after her (and vice versa).

  2. Thanks for that, Mike, it means a lot to me. You are entirely correct, she was perhaps the most colorful canine friend I’ve had in my adult life. Her complaining, expressive mug will be greatly missed by everyone at Casa O’Hara, but especially me– she was “my” dog if she was anyone’s.

  3. dennis largess

    Walt, sorry man.
    I often think that we’re known by the pets we keep and love.
    Back at LS, a lot of people complained when I had to close down (some got really angry about it), but the ones who were really hurt were the dog lovers. We’d had two mascots, you may recall Merline or Ramoth, People could care less about seeing me, but it hurt some badly knowing they wouldn’t see Ratmouth anymore.
    Really good dogs raise us up. I often wish I was half the person that Ramoth thought I was.
    Gabby knew what you were to her.