Recent Additons to Uncharted Seas fleets

A few select purchases from THE WAR STORE convention booth at HISTORICON. These are supplemental to fleets that I already have. The only one incomplete is the RalGard, which I just started. Otherwise, I have one fleet for every faction I know of.

The Shroud Mages Infiltrator cruiser, in my distinctive paint scheme, almost done.

Infiltrator Destroyers for the Shroud Mage fleet.  They are designed to rocket into their foes and ram them.

The Steampunky Shroud Mages, down in my own Brown Grime paint scheme.

The entire Shroud Mage Fleet

The Orc Raider Heavy Cruiser, with the rock lobbing trolls on deck, needing another going over with some grime.

The New Orc Raider Heavy Cruiser, with giant troll rock lobbers!

The colorful RalGard Heavy Cruiser, still in work

The colorful RalGard Heavy Cruiser, with distinctive particoloured sails and giant ram beak. It’s the only Orc Ship with side firing broadsides.

The very Spikey And Grimey Orc raider fleet

The Entire Orc Fleet. Pretty savage firing in a forward direction, not much good firing sideways.

The painting is coming along nicely, and I hope to be done this weekend.