Warships of the American Civil War Navies, by Paul Silverstone

Warships of the Civil War NaviesWarships of the Civil War Navies by Paul H. Silverstone
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For any serious student of the Naval history of the American Civil War, this is THE book to start with. Copious technical data, arranged by ship class, of every ship in the Union and Confederate navies, including every monitor, riverboat, armed paddlewheel steamer, tinclad, up to giant screw frigates like the Hartford. A feast of technical data for wargamers, historians, or anyone interested in the naval dimension of the Civil War.

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2 responses to “Warships of the American Civil War Navies, by Paul Silverstone

  1. No… I refuse to be dragged into yet another wargaming era…
    Must… resist urge… to Google… ACW 15mm…

  2. The other book you have to get is Warships and Naval Battles of the Civil War by Tony Gibbons. It is full of color illustrations of a lot of the ships from the civil war. It is what I used to modify some of Toby’s (Thoroughbred) ships into some others, particularly wooden gunboats and blockade runners. Lots of information, but the illustrations are what makes the book.

    I was bit by the ACW naval bug when i was about 10 and got Ironclads by Yaquinto. The huge number of available ship data cards had me hooked, and it was the first game I ever played at a gaming convention (DallasCon), where I got sucked into gaming by what turned out to be the author of Ironclads and most of the playtesters. They in turn showed me miniature gaming (ACW- Rally Round the Flag and Tank Charts for WW2) and the rest is history. The only reason I went to the convention was for Ironclads.