The Silent Land, by Graham Joyce

The Silent LandThe Silent Land by Graham Joyce
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Silent Land was a decent read, but not a riveting one. Jake and Zoe are caught up in a sudden avalanche while skiing. They emerge from a harrowing experience into a mysterious other reality where they appear to be the only ones present in the world– a world where time seems to be standing still.

Not a bad premise for an extended WEIRD TALES Story, perhaps.. or a long novella. As a full fledged novel, it falls short for me. The premise and denouement were hardly surprising and felt overly familiar.. as if Rod Serling had done it first, and perhaps better, back in the Sixties. When The Silent Land does wind down to a conclusion, I felt completely unengaged with the characters of Zoe and Jake, which made it a bit of a struggle to complete.

The overall experience was like reading a script from ABC’s Movie of the Week turned into a novel. A big ho-hum from me.

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