Flags for Ironclads

As you might have picked up on, I’ve taken the jump with 1:600 scale Ironclad models.  I’m reasonably satisfied with the workmanlike paint jobs I gave them, but I’m working on some finishing detail like masts, some rigging and a flagstaff.  Flags proved to be pretty easy actually..  I simply found a vexology site, copied and resized the graphic, flipped it over and pasted several on a sheet.


Flags for Ironclads

I admit they are probably a tiny bit overlarge for this scale, but I wanted the flags to be instantly recognizable.

The masts are made from floral wire, and I drilled the holes with a pin vise. If you are interested in doing this for your fleet, here’s some flag files:

Have fun!

4 responses to “Flags for Ironclads

  1. Dewey LaRochelle

    I did the same thing. I would go looking for the right flag, cut and paste to a Word doc, then copy and flip the image. The nice thing about Toby’s ships is they come with flags and flagpolls. I am not, at this point, too motivated to put the rigging on as I see the abuse they get in games now.

    One problem I have had in games is when you are used to the pewter models and then you pick up a resin model you almost throw it over your shoulder because of the weight difference.

    • I may have to emulate that (not rigging). It looks a little complicated and I wouldn’t want to do it more than once. Even the most respectful player will be in a situation where he doesn’t grab the ship by the base at some point. Still, I’d like to get some masts done for some of these.

  2. Walt, about how big are those ships? I’m guessing three or four inches at 1/600?

    • J.R.: depends on the ship being modeled, of course. The really large historical ships, such as New Ironsides, Hartford or Selma are about 3 inches long. The smaller riverboats and casemates under 2 inches and the torpedo boats (launches) are tiny things, less than an inch really.