The Wars of Other Men (2010)

“Set in a 1920s like world at war, The Wars Of Other Men tells the story of a nameless Lieutenant fighting for an army on the verge of defeat. The enemy has begun to dominate the battlefield with their new chemical super weapon, known only as ‘the Fog’. When his superiors learn the location of the facility that manufactures the Fog the Lieutenant is ordered to lead a squad through the war torn city to capture the scientist responsible for its creation at the cost of sacrificing his men and unleashing the Fog upon the entire city. In the end the Lieutenant must choose between being a good soldier and a good man.”

A Dieselpunk/Steampunk film set in an alternative 1920s undergoing total war.  This looks like an indie film (no actors I recognized) but it is in IMDB.  I think the effects are marvelous.  I wonder what the fate of the film was– it clearly was released last year in Michigan at least, but I know nothing more about it beyond the Youtube Trailer.. is it on DVD now?

I’d like to get my hands on this one.


  1. Hey there – this is Mike Zawacki, I wrote & directed “The Wars of Other Men”. Thanks a ton for your mention of our film! This is indeed an indie project, though many of the crew & a lot of the cast have worked on the larger films which have been coming through Michigan.

    We have a Facebook page for the film with photos from the film, as well as behind the scenes shots, character photos, and other bonus content. We’re adding things to that site all the time, so it’s a good place to check in for folks who are interested:

    The film had a special screening for cast and crew back in October of 2010 while post production was still underway. We’ve finally gotten everything except for 5 visual effects locked down. Once that’s done it’ll make the festival circuit and get shown to all the industry contacts we’ve made over the last few years. You can expect to see it online not too long after that.

    Thanks again for your interest in the film! Feel free to contact me offline if you have any other questions!

  2. Thanks for getting in touch, Mike. Your film looks wonderful. As you might or might not have picked up, I’m a big admirer of the steampunk/dieselpunk literary niche and from what I can see WARS OF OTHER MEN is gorgeous steampunkish eye-candy. And hey, a story on top of all that to boot!

  3. The article on iron clads made me wonder if you weren’t a fan of steampunk & dieselpunk! Thanks again for the kind words – the cast and crew really appreciate folks appreciating the film!

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