Quick look: Alien Frontiers

Played ALIEN FRONTIERS at the Thursday Night NOVAG Group last night. This is a very clever SF themed WORKER PLACEMENT game with a distinctly stylish retro feel to it. I loved it.

Alien Frontiers
Alien Frontiers by Clever Mojo Games, all set up

The game is entirely asymmetric in its approach to strategy– the game ENDS when six colonies are placed on the planet. But POINTS are scored for a variety of reasons– taking over planetary sectors, grabbing control of alien artifacts (cards), etc. Each turn the game turn moves around the table, with gamers taking turns inhabiting “orbital platforms” that do different things with their “ships” (dice). Once you fill out the spaces available in a facility, you can’t put dice there. Unless you have an artifact or special power that allows the exception. It’s a neat, elegant design that really impresses me. I would like to get a copy but one hears from the Dice Tower and other sources that Alien Frontiers was created using KICKSTART money, and in a very limited print run. I certainly hope some conventional publisher picks this game up and runs with it. They have to keep the cool artwork, though.. it brings back memories of the SF art of the 1970s, like Merchant of Venus does.


Highly recommended, if you can find it.