Historicon: fast food sightings


As you may recall, my big gripe last year was the preponderance  of sit down restaurants in tne Valley Forge area.  My eyes were sharper this year — here’s a Ginos at Allentown and 202, & there is a Burger King on 202 about a quarter mile down 202 on the left.


  1. Gino’s still exists?!? Yikes, I remember them from growing up around Philadelphia, but they had all closed by the early 80s (at least all the ones close to me). I remember liking them back in the day — not that this says anything about how they are today.

  2. The Philly area Gino’s were all closed(turned to Roy Rodger’s i think). Last year this Gino’s opened and there are plans to expand to more locations

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