TACTICA RTS: Another Real IPAD Wargame done Old School Style.

Given the urgent nature of some of Jason Waggoner’s comments in previous posts on the subject, I need to check out a new Ipad-only wargame from a company called Waggoner Industries for the IoS system. The game is called TACTICA RTS. Honestly, I can’t afford an Ipad 2 right now, but I mean to get one at some point. So I really have no idea of what the game is like as there isn’t a video on it yet. I’ll append this post when there is. What I’m seeing from the screenshots I personally consider very encouraging. Check this out:

Wow! A Wargame!
WOW!! this is a REAL Wargame!

I don’t mean to gush, but doesn’t this look Tactics II done again as an Ipad wargame? I like it! The best part of the mix is that I would be considering this game to be an engine of sorts. It won’t take much to plug in historical OOBs and Scenarios to this game– I strongly suggest that Waggoner Industries market a “wargame construction set” of sorts for this engine.. A module for creating OOBs, a simple tile based map editor, and a way to play them PBeM. You can create a whole wargaming community with this thing if you want to put the work into it.

I’m enthused.

To get a copy of TACTICA RTS, visit the APP STORE on ITUNES. If you’re an old grognard type like me, GO BUY THIS THING, so the author will be encouraged to make more of it. Maybe with historical, not generic, scenarios. And how about some support for the Itouch? Spread the love, baby.