History Mystery Boo! week ending 6/23: Who Was the Traitor? and The Boy Generals

ACW boy in uniform, likely confederate.

ACW boy in uniform,

The latest History, Mystery BOO! week ending 24 June 2011, answers the last HMBoo question:

“During the American Civil War, some officers, by the legal definition of the term in the Constitution, actually
committed treason– in that they aided and abetted the Confederate cause while still officially in Union blue. To
whom am I referring? I’ll give some leeway here, as there are about four famous names, and a few other less
distinguished ones that are correct answers.”

I could probably do an hour or more on this topic– but since we only have five minutes, I limited it to a quick run through of the four most famous names I could find. If you know of a more famous name, do let me know.

The question for next week asks: who were the five youngest Generals in the Civil War, on either side?

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4 responses to “History Mystery Boo! week ending 6/23: Who Was the Traitor? and The Boy Generals

  1. Brigadier General Galusha Pennypacker (20yrs 8mo) (union)
    Brigadier General Charles Cleveland Dodge (union)
    Brigadier General Edmund Kirby (union)
    Brigadier General William Paul Roberts (23yrs, 7mo, 10 days) (confederate)
    Brigadier General John Herbert Kelly (23yrs, 7mo, 16 days) (confederate)

    Number 6 is probably George Armstrong Custer, but you did not ask for 6.

  2. Oh, and I believe the child pictured above is one of Jefferson Davis’ children. I think I saw the same picture in Richmond at the Confederate White House. There are several small uniforms on display there and at least one of his children loved to dress up in uniform.

  3. Good answers! But I’m not commenting beyond that. 😀

  4. Some day I will investigate this Facebook and Twitter thing you reference. Then I will be dangerous and the world will end.