Help name a new Wizard’s Dueling game

As you may recall, I’ve been working on a project to bring Waving Hands in Three Dimensions to fruition after a few years of fallow treatment. The core spellcasting engine is strongly influenced by an earlier (paper based) project by Richard Bartle, called Waving Hands, which is very fitting as the magic system works by a series of somatic gestures. However, now that I have put some work into translating this into a miniatures game, the resulting effort has departed some distance from the Waving Hands system, and it wouldn’t do to have them confused any more, lest the original author got upset with me (not that it seems likely). So a quick visit to Roget’s gave me a whole raft of stand-in nouns that evoke “A Magical Spell Game” Since I discovered this poll widget, why not let the readers weigh in (all three of you, I mean?). What sounds right from this list? Remember, the action in this game will be moving, spellcasting, moving charmed or controlled creatures, and attacking your fellow magical beings either directly or through summoned proxy. What word or term seems to fit this? Mind you, I may modify my ultimate choice with some color text, like “The Warlocks of Bald Mountain” if Warlock is chosen. I just wish to get a sense of what seems to play right in people’s ears.
If you don’t like ANY of them, don’t bother to answer. If you have an ALTERNATIVE, make use of the comment field to suggest it. I’m all ears!

Thanks, as always, for your assistance, gentle reader. Facebook Users: The Original Post (with Widget in view) is located HERE.