Crossing the Douro: a new Command and Colors: Napoleonics scenario

As I’ve reported recently, I just got the new Command and Colors: Napoleonics game from GMT Games.   We played it for the first time the other night and really enjoyed it.  I admire the flexibility and simplicity of the design, which will allow tinkerers like me the chance to create new battle scenarios without waiting for expansions to get published.

Here’s my first one, the Second Battle of Oporto, or “The Crossing of the Duoro”.  General Arthur Wellesley’s British army took the city of Porto, defeating Marshal Nicolas Soult’s French troops on May 12, 1809. After taking command of the British troops in Portugal on April 22, Wellesley (later named 1st Duke of Wellington) immediately advanced on Porto and made a surprise crossing of the Douro River. Soult retreated from the city after losing heavily.

I find a few things very interesting about this battle.  For one thing, it took the French by surprise– they were not expecting the improvised raft bridge, which I’ve added in as an objective to destroy with three hits.  Regardless of surprise, Wellesly managed to get about 500 men across which turned the tide.  The impetus is on the British to attack.

Crossing the Douro
Crossing the Douro River, C&C Napoleonics

Battle Notes

British Army
Commander: Wellesley 6 Command Cards
Generals: Hill (Right Flank), Paget (Center), Sherbrouke (Left Flank)
2 x GG 1 x P-LI, 6 x LI, 1 x LC, 2 x FA

French Army
Commander: Soult, 5 Command Cards, Move First
Generals: Delaborde (Center), Franchesci (Right Flank), Merle (Left Flank)
2 x LC, 2 x FA, 4 x LI, 3 x LT

Special Rules: The Raft Bridge on the right flank is worth a Victory Banner to the French if they can destroy it with Artillery Fire (3 hits as if Melee target on dice, use pennies as markers, then flip to a river tile). The Town of Oporto is worth two Victory Banners to the English. 1 LI and 1 LC start on the far side of the raft bridge.

For a PDF (with larger graphics, printable), Douro is shared out here on Google Docs.