StarShip Sofa Stories Volume 1

Anthology vol 1
Anthology, Vol 1, now a free-ish Epub

Tony Smith’s StarShipSofa, one of the best SF literary podcasts known to man, is now in the business of publishing short story collections drawn from the authors they feature in their program. Volume 2 is for sale here: in a nice turn of events, Volume 1 is available for download in several locations! It is suggested that you make a donation via paypal to help pay for StarShipSofa’s operating expenses. That’s not a bad deal for sixteen excellent stories by top writers in the field, illustrated in glorious original pulp style. Their first anthology is detailed here and the E-Pub link is here: The main site, with donate buttons, is located here:

OR.. you can download it from   Provided under Creative Commons license, donations strongly encouraged. Here’s the link: StarShipSofa-Stories-Volume-1.pdf