I try out World of Tanks

And keep getting killed!

“World of Tanks” bills itself as a Massively Multiplayer Online game, and I suppose it is, at that.  The installation disks for this game were flying all over HISTORICON 2010 but I never got around to installing it.  Recently I saw an ad for it again and I downloaded it on a whim.   After about half an hour’s experience, I can say definitively that:

A) it is multiplayer and online (with a European server and a North American servver).

B) I wouldn’t say it was that Massive, but it is good clean mindless fun.

Essentially you start off playing the role of a very junior tanker in the armies of Germany, America and the Soviet Union early in some fictitious “other” World War II.  You drive around and go on missions to kill other tanks, earning points to make a bigger, sexier and more lethal tank yourself.  That’s about it!

Like any noob jumping in to a game knowing nothing about it, I found myself mercilessly slaughtered right off the bat time and time again.  I’m getting the hang of it though, Run and hide as soon as a battle starts.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and get a lucky angle on someone.

I’m enjoying it so far, it looks good and runs well on my Vaio.  Not sure what the staying power of this game will be.. yet.  Until then I’m misternizz on World of Tanks, should you desire to toss some cordite and steel my way.

World of Tanks

The Sorry End to my "T-1 Cunningham" five minutes into World of Tanks

World of Tanks Beta:


Game requires a client to play.


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