A little feedback at long last

As some of you might know if you are long time readers, I occasionally record an audio snippet on this journal’s sister site, Airy Persiflage. While away on Christmas break, I discovered Mr. Frank Key, Hooting Yard and its associated podcasts. We were literally rolling on the floor with glee (which did my arthritic knee no favors, I can tell you). Since then, I have made a modest attempt at recording some of Mr. Key’s shorter pieces. I was concerned about permissions so finally emailed him for at least a grudging okay. It turns out that not only has he granted me explicit permission to record his work and host it on the Podbean site, he had found our humble efforts and actually liked them! Indeed, Airy Persiflage has been referenced not once, but twice.

“Airy Persiflage” on Hooting Yard
“More Airy Persiflage” on Hooting Yard

Thank you, Mr. Key. I appreciate a soupçon of feedback every now and then. SO much nicer than the impersonal nature of WordPress statistics.