Gabba Gabba, one of us! Gabba, Gabba One of US! Robin Williams plays WH40K, confirmed

8/12 Update: From all appearancesRobin Williams tragically committed suicide on 8/11/2014. Prayers going out to his friends and family.  

There’s always been rumors about famous chaps who play games with miniature soldiers. I think we all regard it as some form of validation if we discover real famous people play with toy soldiers, too. See, if THEY do it, it’s totally main stream, right? As I reported last February, Peter Cushing (of Hammer Films and Star Wars fame) was an avid toy soldiers collector and painter. It’s fairly well established that Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings and King Kong fame) collects toy soldiers (alas, recently to his chagrin). I’ve even heard rumors that none other than Barry Manilow (of “Mandy you came and you gave without taking” fame) collects and plays Napoleonics (it seems far-fetched to me, but I’ve actually heard it). And, of course, everyone, EVERYONE!!! tells the story about Robin Williams being “into Warhammer” and that he or she “knows the guy that painted up his army” (Eldar, apparently). Well, you know how the internet is. We all nod and shrug, and repeat the rumor over and over… until now!

I was delighted to read recently that this rumor isn’t total internet bull puckey. Robin Williams REALLY DOES LIKE TO PLAY WARHAMMER 40K, and here’s a picture taken of him in a real brick and mortar hobby shop to prove it.

robin williams in hobby shop

Cell phone pic of Robin Williams in a gaming hobby shop.

According to the forum I found this on (40Konline, who holds the copyright thereto), Robin Williams likes Eldar. Now that’s funny… maybe it’s me, but I always pictured him as an Orky kind of guy. Go figure! Anyway, as the Mythbusters say, here’s a myth that we can mark PLAUSIBLE!!! Woo hoo!  (By the by, one hears rumors he liked Dungeons and Dragons as well)


3 responses to “Gabba Gabba, one of us! Gabba, Gabba One of US! Robin Williams plays WH40K, confirmed

  1. dennis Largess

    Walt, wish you had asked.
    At the old Little So
    ldier, Jodie Foster, Jimmy Carter’s press secretary, came in to buy Minifigs 15mm ACW troops. He planned to refight the Valley campaign. Apparently, there were enough other staffers interested in ACW. He favored Rally Round the Flag rules.
    For really old memories, Corr’s Hobby Shop, 9th and H Sts., NW in DC moved when the Convention Center went up around 1980. They had a big section of brass miniature railroads. At least two senators and a Supreme Court Justice bought their trains at Corr’s.
    Harry Truman dropped in to check out artillery models (being an old, Missouri national guard artillery captain).
    Marine Commandant, David Shoupe, on one occasion explained to a bunch of kids the mistakes that Revell made on Marine equipment on a pack of marines hitting the beach.
    Ned Beach, author of Run Silent, Run Deep, and first captain of the first nuclear powered sub, USS Nautilas, bought some ship models. (But us hobby rats wondered if they were for him or his boss, President Eisenhower.)

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  3. Keith Goreham

    Ever hear of E3? It’s a big Video Game industry trade show where companies show off their new and upcoming titles. I went back in 2001 and spotted both Robin Williams and Sinbad wandering around.

    Everybody has hobbies. 🙂