General Contest Redux #104

I have a ton of old Avalon Hill Generals laying around my study, I don’t suppose anyone will mind if I occasionally pass along an old contest from a 20 years gone issue from time to time.  The General used to run these tiny contests in the center insert.  The reader was presented with a hypothetical tactical or strategic situation from the boardgame being featured in the current issue, and then asked to send in the best possible solution for it.  I always took issue with the label “best” as many wargames have various approaches to victory, and often what the AH General editor thought was “best” wasn’t what I thought was best.  Oh well, let’s revisit yesteryear.

104 was a contest from the issue game, GLADIATOR, and ran in volume 18, issue 4.  The rules can be found HERE.

Contest 104 Gladiator
Contest 104: GLADIATOR, Avalon Hill

I’ll try to dig up the “Avalon Hill Answer” and post this in a future post.  Good luck!  Answer in the comment section below.

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