Old & New Again via the power of the Internetz

Some years back (2006), I was intrigued by the notion of postcard games (a usually free game where everything needed to play except perhaps the randomizing elements is provided on a post card).  I decided to create one about one of my favorite wargame topics, Greek and Roman galley warfare.  This was Poseidon’s Postcard.  When I posted a test copy on my old blogger blog in 2006, the public response was “meh“.  I admit the artwork is somewhat amateurish and the field of battle quite limited (I used the PBeM tool Cyberboard to make the components, actually).   However, a handful of kind souls did in fact attempt to play it and they reported they liked it.  They posted some questions on my now-defunct Toy Soldiers forum board, which I kept close.  Four years passed, and I mentioned this old postcard game in an offhand fashion on this blog, when I was commenting on using an Ipod as a dice roller for a different postcard game I was playing at lunch (called Rattenkrieg).   The Miniatures Wargaming blog noticed the reference and made it a daily item, so now my humble old post from 2006 has had about 1000 hits on it.  My pride is nettled, I can’t let the game hang their in a half-assed state I left it in in 2006, so I have revised that post with a few edits in red text, labeled “2010”.    I feel better about the final product, even if  I doubt I could put the entire thing on a postcard now and realistically expect it to be mailable.  In any event, take it out for a spin, give it a try, and come back and whine about what needs fixing.

Rules from Poseidon's Postcard
Rules side of Poseidon's Postcard

Poseidon’s Postcard is released through a Creative Commons license, non-derivative and non-commercial.  Users my download for their personal use or post it to their sites along as original credit is given.