Ironclads: Chincha Islands War

Ship to Ship
Ironclad Steamship combat, via Totem Games

I’ve always liked the potential of games from the modest Russian software game company Totem Games. They have firmly stayed within the purview of one of my favorite historical periods ever, naval simulation in the age of Iron and Steam. Their first release was on the American Civil War. I purchased it– and to be honest was a little disappointed with the interface. I have not looked back at Totem Games since the first effort. They have been busy!

Fresh from Totem Games comes Ironclads Chincha Islands War! which was a small clash between Spain and her rebellious former colonies of Peru and Chile, taking place in 1866. I love the idea that Totem continues to investigate this time period, and I hope my next experiences with them will be more positive.  Here are a few items in their current catalog:

Totem Games Website

Ironclads Schleswig War 1864

Ironclads Schleswig War

14.99 retail

Anglo Russian War Screenshot

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