Old and New

postcard game
Rattenkrieg, a postcard game, with an Ipod Touch dice roller called MachDice.

Here’s a little old and new technology working together.  Someone handed me a solitaire postcard game about the Battle of Stalingrad called RATTENKRIEG at a recent convention.   I kind of like the idea of an entire wargame on a postcard; I’ve played a few and even designed one on Greek and Roman Naval Warfare once. (help yourself; it’s still there)  I had a few moments to kill this lunch hour and cut the counters out to play this one.  It sort of reminded me of TURNING POINT: STALINGRAD from Avalon Hill, actually.  I was about to stow the game due to lack of dice, but solved the problem handily by downloading a .99 cent dice roller called MACH DICE from the Apple App Store.  I was struck by the juxtaposition of old and new technology– the Ipod Touch really struck me as being complimentary to a small scale or micro game concept.  And I’m all about micro games…

For the record, the game kicked my butt.  The Russians won handily!

Postcard Game
Rattenkrieg "Out of the Box"

Die Rollers on the Ipod Touch: I downloaded a bunch of them, as they are mostly free or cheap. I like Mach Dice, but my favorite so far is DICENOMICON from gandreas software. Cheap, programmable and customizable– a very useful little app for gamers.

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