One of the reasons I find the so-called Steampunk craze so compelling is that it portrays technology without a lot of the mystery of the modern age.  So many technological advances are hidden from us in a maze of miniaturization and fear of voiding warranties, we never really see how anything works anymore.  Steampunk (or as I call it, “Victorian Science Fiction”) celebrates technology we can touch, we can see, we can understand.  For similar sentiments, I find myself impressed with this new documentary about linotype machines and their operators.  If ever there was a “steampunkish” machine, it would be the Linotype typesetter.  I remember seeing these when my sixth grade class toured the local newspaper plant to see how newspapers got printed.  Even at that early age I was impressed with the sheer magnitude of the operation, yet how simple it all was, really.

And now there’s a movie on this very subject: Linotype: The Film is a documentary about Ottmar Mergenthaler’s amazing Linotype typesetting machine and the people who own and love these machines today.

LINOTYPE: THE MOVIE will be debuting “Soonish”.. dunno much more about it other than this Vimeo clip and this website:


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  1. Walt, it might be of interest to you. The Washington Post has an old linotype machine in their front entrance on 15 th NW. It is in great condition and you can get really close.

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