Spartan Games releases The RALGARD FLEET (and destroyers, nogra) for Uncharted Seas

It’s odd how verisimilitude works.. As I was painting up some holdout fleets for a recent Uncharted Seas game at HISTORICON, I got to thinking what I would add to the Uncharted Seas universe, if I were king of the world– and the answer was, no kidding, “War Junks.. Chinese style gigantic war junks.. with an oriental flair and visual style“. The week of HISTORICON, Spartan announced the release of THE RALGARD FLEET. Wouldn’t you know it?

Ralgard Battleship
Ralgard Battleship class War Junk

“The Ralgard are an elite warrior caste that hail from the Island Province of Tragorria, a luscious jungle land that harbours untold dangers, and is feared by all races that inhabit the lands around it. Legends of the brutal and savage nature of these warriors are widely known throughout their homeland. Sightings of the first Ralgard ships were reported to the south of Ganesh heading towards Sorylia by the crew of a lone merchant vessel. “

(source: Spartan Games Website, verbiage and images copyright Spartan Games 2010)
Ralgard Fleet
The First Release of the standard US Ralgard Fleet

Alas, my favorite source, the War Store, did not have Ralgard ships in stock for HISTORICON. They should be shipping next week according to the Spartan Games website. I am very eager to get these– it’s clear the first release will be the standard combination for a starter fleet in Uncharted Seas– one Battleship, three Cruisers, six Frigates. I am curious what their “special” ships might look like.. the flagship, heavy cruiser, destroyers (more on that below), and “flavor” hull. Kudos to Spartan Games for adding these– I can already tell that these models will require a much better attention to detail than I have given ships in the past.

Just hitting the streets NOW are the DESTROYER class hulls for all existing fleets in the Uncharted Seas universe. Coming in at somewhere between the Frigate and the Cruiser in hitting power, the destroyer still looks to pack a punch when in a group where it could combine fire with more destroyers and a couple of frigates. I’m liking the look of these models, but I have to wonder if this means.. YET ANOTHER ITERATION OF THE UNCHARTED SEAS RULEBOOK??? I certainly hope not, but I know the stats for all these new ships are not in the current rulebook. Sigh!

Destroyers for all Seven Fleets so far
Destroyers for all fleets save the Ralgard

Last, but not least.. those annoying Nogra Dragons that are the “fighters” launched from the Dragonlords DRAGON CARRIER model (I’ve been using generic green tokens, myself) now have actual models. Yeah, of course I’m going to buy them.

The Nogra Dragons at long last!

Fortunately Spartan Games isn’t going to screw the people who already bought the dragon carrier model when it was released (like, ahem, myself) and will offer the dragons as a separate item.