Nanofictionary Finals 2009

My favorite Looney Lab game, bar none, is NANOFICTIONARY, which is a small card-based storytelling game with some distinct Nomic touches… not a surprise coming from the company that brought us FLUXX.

Nanofictionary Cards
Nanofictioary Cards

Nanofictionary is a game played with cards that represent story elements– actions, individuals, problems and resolutions are all played out into a story that the player has to make up on the spot. It’s an art form.. obviously the player could create a long rambling dialogue that features the elements on the cards, but that’s hardly storytelling. Nano interests me because it is a game that requires an active peer review and judging element to succeed. If you are playing it correctly, that is. I’ve played it many times and it never fails to crack me up.

I was on the Looney Labs website the other day and noticed this link to a collection of Youtube videos of the Nanofictionary Finals held at Origins Game faire in 2009. From the looks of the background, this must be the Looney Labs “room” or demo area.. the tie dye gives it away.

I won’t post every one of these, but I will post my favorite. As you look at the storytellers, notice how they flip cards as they bring them into the story. Each time they do that, they score points.


  1. Okay Walt. I have been looking at this for a while now. Time to update.

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    • I have a late HISTORICON 10 roundup, a game review, and some more ponderings about ipads coming up very shortly. I’m sorry, i’ve been neglectful.

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